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Why enof is Enough

It's really no surprise to me that children now a days often do not like to eat vegetables. Let's pretend for a minute that every parent is a decent to good cook at minimum. The vegetables that we buy in our grocery stores these days are so mistreated from the original version, that it's really hard even under the best conditions, to impress a child with a falsely ripened flavor. So how else do we give our kids the nutrition they need? enof has answered that question.

In recent times, farmers have faced two major challenges

  1. Produce enough food to feed the masses so nobody goes hungry

  2. Make it with a profit

Also in recent times, retailers have faced two major challenges

  1. Provide enough food to feed the masses so nobody goes hungry

  2. Sell it with a profit

One thing is for sure, food grown without being sold does not create a profit. So farmers and retailers have worked together to manipulate the produce to to create profit so everyone wins, well, at least they win. Here are a few things that happen to our food before it hits the shelf:

  1. Plants are genetically modified to be resistant to diseases during the growing phase

  2. Chemical fertilizers help the plants to grow bigger & faster

  3. Damaged produce can't be sold, so chemical pesticides keeps the bugs off

  4. Weeds are labor intensive to pull and absorb expensive water which limits the plant growth. Chemical herbicides prevent weeds

  5. From harvest to your dinner table takes time, produce spoils over time. To extend the shelf life, produce like bananas, tomatoes and avocados are picked well before they are naturally ripened on the plant where it maximize the nutrients from the soil and develops it's natural flavor. Produced is picked green, shipped to it's destination city and falsely ripened with ethylene gas to change the color and to soften the texture, but does not add flavor!

Knowing all of this, most people would spit out their tomatoes too. This is why I say it's no surprise that kids don't like vegetables. Compared to all the sugar they enjoy fruits and vegetables have become so bland. This is also the reason that canned tomato sauce often has added sugar.

enof was created by Mark Gillis, using organic Tomatoes, Beets, Spinach, Carrots, Broccoli and Shitake Mushrooms. Freeze dried to remove bulky water content then ground into a fine powder. If you are wondering what it tastes like, I describe it as an unsalted bouillon powder. It is very dense with flavor and nutrients so it only requires a few shakes to get 2 1/2 servings of vegetables. Think about how many ways you can trick your kids into eating their vegetables now!!


Need some ideas on where to use it? Ok, I will give you some, but you'll have to keep checking back to see when I post the recipes for these delicious, vegetable packed, children's dish ideas with enof...


Whole Grain Blueberry Pancakes

Grilled Cashew Butter & Banana Sandwich

Mini Muffins for your Mini Me's

Egg & Potato Scramble... and I'm even going to show you how to make this completely vegan!


Chicken Noodle Soup

Fresh Breaded Baked Chicken Strips and you own Ranch Dressing with enof

Traditional Mac n Cheese. No, not from a box, I will show you two ways

Quick Flat Breads


enof Meatballs. So many ways, Turkey, Beef, Chicken and Beyond Meat

Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes

Capellini with Garlic & Oil, Lemon and Parmesan

Rice & Bean Burrito

Taco Tuesday may never be the same, only better!

Order online now at

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