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What are you going to do with your new health?

We strive to improve our health, we make drastic changes to our everyday life and we achieve results. Then what? What's next?

One question I hear myself asking all the time, to myself, what's next? I made my list, I accomplished my goals, so what's next? I feel like I always need something to do or I need a goal to reach. Doesn't matter if its a huge goal or a small list of things to do before I leave work for the day. I want to feel accomplished because the feeling that I kicked ass today is so much better than staring at a clock waiting for time to pass by just to get the day over with.

Some goals though aren't achieved in record timing. They take organization and motivation. Some take countless hours of research before you feel confident enough to make educated decisions in your approach to reach your own personal "Next Level". What happens when you take a step in the wrong direction? Do you give up or do you take another step? Do you become intimidated to make another decision because you might fail or because it takes you of your comfort zone? Most people feel the same way you do. I wise man once told me to always find a positive, in every situation, learn from it, no matter how horrible the situation is.

So thinking about about you will need to do to improve your health, chances are you need to reassess many areas of your ever day living. You'll have to reconsider your routines and habits and make uncomfortable changes in order to stop the unhealthy lifestyle you currently live. Do you react better to making immediate drastic changes or are you a gradual changer? I can't say that there is any right or wrong answer as long as you're committed to positive changes and know that better things are coming, any pace is a good a pace.

After you've read all the articles, you've tried all the food and you've seen the doctors and you've made all the mistakes, but you feel now feel great...what do you do? I wouldn't answer what you should or shouldn't do other than encourage you to stick with it. What I can do is share with I do and that is simply to share my experiences between two places, where I was and how I got to where I am. I don't share it solely because I'm proud I share it because my story might help someone else get through their struggles and find a place to start changing.

Think about what you would do with any success and be ready to be successful with improving your health. When you reach your goal, don't remind people that you're better than them. Remind them that if you can do it, they can too and help them by sharing your struggles because you overcame the unimaginable.

PS. My sobriety date is August 2, 2017. today is day 843 since I took my life back.

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