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Plant Tacos Are Possible

With a little love, plant based ground “meat” tacos are just as possible as a traditional beef or ground turkey taco. Here are some of the ingredients I used to recreate Taco Tuesday.

Ground Taco

1 Pound Plant Meat

2 ounces Diced White Onion

2 tbs. Ground Cumin

2 tbs. Chili Powder

1 tbs. Ground Coriander

2 tbs. Chopped Cilantro

Avocado Salad

1 ea. Ripe Avocado, small diced

1/2 ea. Lime Squeezed

2 tbs. Avocado Oil

2 tsp. Ground Cumin

1 tbs. Chopped Cilantro

season with salt to taste

Cabbage Slaw

1/4 head. Green Cabbage, sliced very fine

1/2 ea. Lime Squeezed

2 tbs. Vegan Mayo

optional: add cumin to taste

What To Do

brown the plant meat in a Teflon skillet over medium high heat. Add the onions, then the spices. Finish with sea salt and the fresh cilantro.

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