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Mercedes Decorates a Gingerbread Man... Healthy Holiday Desserts on 8 News Now!

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

December represents a month of countless hours wrapping gifts and decorating cookies, and propping up soup cans while you wait for the Gingerbread house to dry. But for every countless cookie there are countless calories that go along with it so today, we are going to share some healthy-ER recipes that are still worthy of celebration but wont stick to your hips as long as gum drops stick to icing

Not everyone is willing to cut out the holiday traditions of decorating cookies, making pies and indulging in endless amounts of sweets. Using a few tweaks and more fresh fruits can really lessen the blow in January when we are trying to work off our bad decisions that tasted oohhhh soo good.

Combining blueberries and pomegranate juice makes a great cobbler, top it off with an oat based crumble with avocado oil replacing butter and you have an antioxidant rich gluten free and vegan cobbler

Incorporating cranberries and fresh honey crisp apples with a whole grain crust keeps the fruit pies coming and the rowdy free radicals at peace.

Who doesn't enjoy peanut and chocolate? I do. This plant based, gluten free and vegan dessert will satisfy any peanut butter cup cravings. I used a combination of lite coconut milk and avocado blended into the organic peanut butter. This reduced the amount of natural saturated fat from a full fat coconut milk and enhanced the fluffy creamy texture. The fig and walnut crust eliminated the need for gluten.

These whole grain sugar cookies with organic flour and sugar will be a hit with your kids and adults that act like kids. Subscribe now to to get all of these exclusive recipes

Happy Healthy Holidays...


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