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Small Bite, Big Impact

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Which Foods are more fulfilling? 3oz of Potato Chips or 3.5lbs of Strawberries?

Money seems to be a factor when shopping for groceries. However, how much food do we really need? Less can be more if you choose wisely....

Short segments on the local Channel 8 News Now is one of the many ways I stimulate my own research and find new ideas to share with an audience.

Can you believe that 3 ounces of potato chips and 3.5 pounds of strawberries have the same amount of calories? 6 pounds of peppers is the same as 12 tortilla chips and 2 tablespoons of cheese sauce. The amount of vitamins and nutrients found in clean vegetables far outweighs empty calories in crappy snack foods. Every wonder why you get so hungry after shortly after eating a snack? It's because our body is looking for the energy to fuel our brains, repair our muscles and power our brain. Not to mention keep our heart pumping, that's kind of important eh?

Meal prepping is great way to make sure you have snacks ready to go. Ok, I should say, healthy snacks. Hummus and vegetable chips will help solve that urge to dip & crunch. But if it isn't right in front, ready to go, loaded and aimed at you, when you open that fridge, often other less fortunate snacks will take it's place.

Garbanzo beans have some carbs, not very many, but some. So for a lower carb option, replace the garbanzo, or if you're a baker, chick peas (its the same thing) with soft boiled cauliflower. You can still use Tahini, Lemon, Garlic, Cumin Powder and Avocado Oil to add those healthy fats to fuel your brain.

If you're still craving sweet snacks or candy get some oranges in that house. The fact that they take a minute to peel is actually a good thing. It will help slow down your shoveling tendencies. Oranges are sweet and somewhat high glycemic, so as you're weening yourself off refined sugar, this will make not only your cravings more tolerable, but you more tolerable to family as well.

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