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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Just over a year ago, I was asked to serve on the board as the Chairman and spokesman for a local non-profit called Flavors for Life. I love this purpose! The mission is to promote healthy eating habits to build healthier generations to come. Visit


Well my friends, let me tell you about what we do because no matter where you live, this education can also be done in your community as well.

First, we have created a 3 month curriculum that High School Culinary Arts teachers may opt in to teach. Last year, we had over 1,000 students participate in Clark County Nevada which is about 11 schools. We focus on:

  • Fats & Cholesterol

  • Sodium & High Blood Pressure

  • Added Sugar & Diabetes

  • Portion Control

  • Understanding food labels

Next, at the end of the curriculum, students can choose to team up and create 1 healthy recipe. Last year, the competition was all plant-based. As one of the 3 judges, I was able to taste all 22 dishes, 11 savory and 11 sweet. I swear many of the dishes were so good I could see them on a menu in a restaurant. Not only do the students have a time limit to prepare 4 portions, 3 for the judges, 1 for a photo for the cook book we produce, but we the judges ask them many questions from the curriculum to see what and how much information they retained.

Students prep under observation from the judges during the 2019 Plant Based Cooking Competition

Can you name 5 sources of Vitamin A? Yea, its tough. Tough as hell actually, especially when you are standing in front of an audience.

The overall top student was offered a summer internship with me, right here at Canyon Ranch Spa + Fitness at the Venetian Resort on the Las Vegas Strip. This past summer, she spent 8 weeks with my team and helped us open Truth & Tonic, a wellness cafe which is our newest of three restaurant concepts.

Cassadra Grochala 2019 Flavors for Life Top Student

In February of 2020, Students will pick their favorite nutrient and base a their competition recipe on that ingredient. They will also have to speak to the benefits and importance of this choice.

The last big event of the year is our Gastronomic Affair. This past October 19th, 2019, we had 22 Chefs prepare a health dish to serve to over 300 guests. With music and views overlooking downtown Las Vegas, our guests were able to taste and mingle and enjoy being surrounding by endless options of food made with a healing purpose.

For more information and to make a donation, visit

Thanking all of the Chefs that participated that night

Volunteers with Nuvia Rodriguez, Board President (center right)

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