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Immune Boosting Foods to Take Advantage of Quarantine Life

Adding clean, natural, plant-based ingredients to your daily diet can be beneficial to supporting the health of your immune system. Eliminating toxins, preservatives, herbicides and pesticides can minimize the dietary distractions from your immune system's primary purpose...of fighting off infections.

How can we create positive upsides from quarantine?

  • Take this time to socially distance yourself from foods that distract our immune system from it’s primary purpose of fighting infections

  • Wash your hands of junk foods and snacks that tempt us from eating healthy

  • Stand six feet away from the excuses of why you can’t nourish your body

  • Permanently Quarantine your bad eating habits by Use these tips to come out of quarantine feeling healthier than ever

What are some steps to take to do that?

  • Fill your kitchen with clean ingredients that are beneficial to our health

  • Remove processed foods with stabilizers, preservatives, high sodium and chemicals that our body does not know how to digest nor do they offer nutrients to fuel our body properly

  • When purchasing produce, shop in the organic section for ingredients found the EWG’s Annual Dirty Dozen List. These are the top 12 most toxic items that contain the most herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers that our immune system has to fight off instead of fighting other infections

Good gut health is imperative to keeping our digestive system healthy and allows us to absorb more beneficial nutrients.

  • Kombucha

  • Kim Chee

  • Yogurt with Live Cultures

  • Supplements with at least 12 strands of probiotics

Other beneficial staples to stock up with

  • Garlic combats viruses and bacteria

  • Ginger- Contains Gingerol, a bioactive compound that is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

  • Broccoli- loaded with vitamins A, C, E…cook it lightly or eat it raw, don’t over cook it like grandma does

  • Sweet Potatoes- low-glycemic and contain beta carotene with Vitamin A which supports immune health

  • Citrus- high in vitamin C and is sweet to replace the sugar cravings in your sweet treats

What are major difference between Plant Protein and Animal Protein?

  • Plants can offer just as much protein as animals do

  • Plants are gentler inside our body

  • Animal protein affects the endothelium function in our blood vessels

This is the filter lining that prevents diseases, viruses and toxins from passing from our blood to our body tissue where the damage is done

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