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How I use food to fight cancer Part 3..THE ingredients

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

These ingredients are know to help fight cancer & reduce inflammation. Want to know more?

If you consider how much food we eat and how often we eat it, also consider how much of an impact, good or bad, food has on our health, our energy and our emotions. Food is so powerful and yet we take it for granted and forget the amazing ability nature has to preserve our happiness in life.

When is the last time we heard about an obesity epidemic in wild animals? Why is cancer the second largest killer in America and not in the forest?

The noble purpose of these Ingredients

There are some very intelligent people that can be very specific with fancy words that can you tell you how certain ingredients can decrease the blood flow to tumor cells and be very elaborate with details. I am not that guy. My simple explanation is that cancer and cancer related tumors, are rapidly reproducing cells. This is the reason tumors continue to grow and cancer continues to spread. The list of foods below have been known to help prevent this from happening. Cancer growth is similar to inflammation and these ingredients are known to have anti-inflammatory capabilities. Plus, they are freaking delicious and you can find them in every grocery store.

Ingredients known to help fight cancer...drum roll please....

food is a life source, let it help you
  1. Garlic

  2. Leeks

  3. Scallions

  4. Brussels Sprouts

  5. Savoy Cabbage

  6. Beets

  7. Kale

  8. Cauliflower

  9. Onions

  10. Broccoli

  11. Turnips

  12. Eggplant

  13. Green Beans

  14. Celery

  15. Bok Choy

  16. Fennel

  17. Romaine Lettuce

Other Secrets that are no longer secrets

Turmeric & Black Pepper

Turmeric has been quite popular these days as a super food. it has a ginger-like appearance, a bit more orange and smaller and a very earthy flavor. It can be found as a dry spice, also in yellow curry and most mustard's. by itself it is very hard for our body to absorb so, mixing a 1/4 teaspoon with a pinch of black pepper will help the turmeric to become 2,000 times more absorbable. If you're taking it as a supplement, swallow one or two black peppercorns with it. that way it's tasteless but effective.

Cooked Tomatoes

The red pigment in tomatoes is made up of lycopene. Great for reducing blood pressure and inflammation. Cooking the tomatoes will break down the cell walls that are trapping the lycopene inside. Combine this with basil, onions and garlic, you have a great sauce. Char your tomatoes on a gas grill with onions, poblano chile's and blend them with cilantro, garlic, cumin and lime juice and you just made an amazing charred salsa.

Green Tea

If you're a tea drinker you may think of green tea as one of the more fragile tea leaves. Honestly, from a steeping durability standpoint, you are correct. However, once consumed it becomes a cancer fighting bad ass and can actually kill cancer cells in the blood stream that it comes in contact with. Green tea needs to be steeped for about 10 minutes for those benefits to develop and release. You can reheat your tea if needed or you can ice it and keep in cold for up to 24 hours. My absolute favorite tea in the country is hand blended by Lisa Marie @jenweytea and can be purchased online at

Garlic is #1

Not only is garlic delicious but it is also on the top of the list as the most beneficial ingredient. Even though it is not necessarily the date night go-to ingredient, it should still be added as often as possible. When you're preparing any recipe with garlic, smash it, slice or chop it first and let it sit for the magically 10 minutes as it's cancer fighting benefits will peak during this time. TIP: if you are using a blender or food processor for a recipe that includes fresh garlic, make sure to add it after all of the other ingredients are blended. The more time garlic spends in a blender the hotter it becomes, not just heat-hot from the friction, but spicy hot too. The kind that burns your mouth which is usually undesirable if you like the people you're cooking for.

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