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Hibiscus Mango Orange Aperol Spritz

Italy's most popular Aperitif is catching on here in the US almost just as fast. Typically the #aperolspritz is topped off with Prosecco, but Harney & Sons Tea Co. newest Spark CBD infused bubbly refreshing goodness from The Hemp Division is literally a chilling alternative. 20mg of CBD is a micro dose of non-mind altering cannabanoids, unlike THC, and is a gentle way to relax your mind.

2oz Aperol

2oz Hibiscus Herbal Tea

6oz Mango Orange Spark - Order HERE use code "PG20" to receive 20% off

1 Slice Orange, preferably Blood Orange

Pour Aperol and Hibiscus Tea into a Wine glass and top off with chilled Mango Orange Spark. For a stronger kick, add 1 ounce Vodka

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Just bought some of the mango orange spark!! Can’t wait to test this out!

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