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Food Art is a Chef's Respect to the Earth

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some great photographers to express my creativity with food. I get inspired by ingredients, the story of the sources, the flavors, the colors and of course the textures. I get lost in the flow of the patterns creating a journey through the ingredients on the plate, one step leading to another, adding layers of details and flavors. Sometimes it's rolling a slice of strawberry in black pepper, other times it's powerful dots of flavorful reductions. Nothing is without reason and everything has a purpose.

This is how I respect, celebrate and share the beauty of nature. You may say I created beautiful dish, I say I had the honer to guide these ingredients from source much greater than us to the table. Food Art is respect to the earth. Nature did the work and I presented it.


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Love your passion for what you do. 🩵

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